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Enterprise SBC

Medium to Large Business SBC

Medium to Large Business SBC

Enterprise SBCs (eSBC) sit at the edge of your company’s network and do the heavy lifting for VoIP phone calls that your firewall isn’t designed to do. Hide important voice network information, protect your company network from malicious attacks—that can cause your telephone bill to skyrocket or become susceptible for hackers to breach your system and take down the network. Sangoma session border controllers offer affordable protection for small businesses that most integrators can configure and provision easily.

High Availability

Ensure business continuity with our High availability (HA) feature, allowing mirroring of your main SBC with a standby SBC ready to automatically take over calls in case of failure. This feature is included free of charge!

Protection from Enterprise Security Threat

Denial of Services

  • Call / registration overload
  • Malformed messages (fuzzing)

Theft of Service / Fraud

  • Unauthorized users
  • Unauthorized media types

Configuration Errors

  •  Mis-configured devices
  • Operator and application errors


  • Smartphones running unauthorized apps
  • Viruses and malware attacking your VoIP network






Quick Fact 

  • Supports 25 - 250 Simultaneous Calls
  • Field Upgradeable Session Expansion
  • All-in-one Appliance for SIP & TDM Connections
  • Cost-effective Session-based Licensing 
  • Enterprise Inter-site Networking & SIP Trunking
  • Local Security Management for SMBs & Small Enterprises
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans




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